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Introduction to AltBoards

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Welcome to AltBoards! A forum to discuss music, alternative artists and more!

Join now to get full access to all forums, exclusive gallery sections and masterposts.


Hope you enjoy our site and sign up soon!

- The Moderating Team




Common Sense Rules


1. No nudity or pornographic content is allowed. If linking to a story with pornographic or disturbing images, please do not embed any of the images in question on AltBoards. Additionally, please include a warning about any such content contained in a linked source.

2. Discrimination against any particular ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual preference or religion will not be tolerated.

3. Personal insults, or insults regarding family, disorders or disabilities, are not allowed. Insults related to a member's looks are not allowed anywhere on AltBoards.

4. Members may only have one account. Duplicate and fake accounts will be removed. If you make a duplicate account to get around a temporary ban, your ban on the original account will be extended. Accounts may only be used by one member. Do not share your password or account info with anyone, onsite or offsite. If you share your account with a banned member, your account will be banned.


Posting Rules


5. Spam is not permitted on AltBoards. Spamming includes, but is not limited to, adding unnecessary spacing in posts, posting solely to bump your post count, posting more than twice in a row, and signing up just to advertise or promote other websites. In addition, posting about other forums, without a valid music-related reason, or with intent to instigate drama, is forbidden.

6. Trolling is also not allowed on AltBoards. Trolling includes disruptive, off-topic and nonsensical posting with the intention to stir-up drama, anger other members or draw attention to yourself. Do not hijack threads; you should stick to the topic. Instigating drama is against the rules and will also be punished. Making fun of or shading specific illnesses such as, but not limited to, cancer or HIV/AIDS is not allowed anywhere on the forum.

7. Artist sections are for members to discuss the music and the artists freely and maturely. Unnecessarily causing drama will result in warning points.

8. You may not post any personal media (pictures, videos, etc.) of other members anywhere on the forum without their permission.

9. Moderator tags are for use by moderators only.
10. You may not publicly discuss warnings by a moderator on the forums.

11. Mental health jokes are considered a personal insult and are not permitted.

12. Death threats, making fun of suicide or rape, and other bodily harm insults are warning worthy offenses.
13. General forum disruption and/or agitating a large group of members are considered major offenses.
14. Posting images, videos, or any other form of media, that contain overwhelming gore, violence, blood, or open wounds are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, forum posts, private messages, avatars and signatures. If a news article contains such content, do not embed it; instead, link to the source with a clearly marked "explicit" warning.



15. A moderator's job is to organize and keep the forum clean, make sure the rules are being followed, and help members with any queries they have. Don't be shy about asking for help!
16. In the event that a moderator or other staff position becomes available, an admin will open an applications thread in Updates.



17. AltBoards is a developing forum and we cannot keep track of every post and topic. If you feel a post is against the rules, please report it by clicking "Report" at the bottom of the post. Spamming the moderators with reports of the same post is considered a warnable offense.
18. Warnings and Warning Points are to be discussed privately with a moderator or admin. They are not to be discussed anywhere else on the forum.
19. Banning Procedure: Reaching 10 warning points results in a ban, the length of which is generally determined by the number of times you have been banned, but additional punishments or bans may be levied at the sole discretion of the staff. Typically, the first ban lasts 3 days, followed by 1 week, 3 weeks, 2 months, and then 6 months. If you accrue 10 warning points after a six month ban, you will be permanently banned.

20. We do grant account deletion/banning requests.


Forum Features

21. Avatars may be a maximum of 170 x 200 pixels.
22. Signatures may be a maximum of 770 x 300 pixels across no more than three images. No videos are permitted.

23. Status updates and comments are subject to the same rules as the general forum.

24. Chat is subject to the following rules:

  1. Do not post pictures or other personal media involving other members without their consent.
  2. Death threats, making fun of suicide or rape, and other bodily harm insults are warning worthy offenses.
  3. Do not bring drama out of the chat. 
  4. Do not insult looks. This includes insults regarding genitalia.
  5. Do not discuss warnings in this section. Please discuss them through PM with an administrator or moderator.
  6. Do not post or discuss personal conversations or private messages with other members without their consent.
  7. Do not make fun of or shade specific illnesses such as, but not limited to, cancer or HIV/AIDS.
  8. Do not spam.



25. Although the administrators and moderators of AltBoards attempt to keep all unsolicited or unwanted messages off this site, members are allowed to publish messages immediately, without any initial moderation. Therefore, it is impossible for us to review all messages immediately. All topics and messages published on AltBoards solely express the views and intent of their individual authors, and as such, neither the owners of AltBoards nor Invision Power Services can be held responsible for the content posted or linked within any message.
26. AltBoards does not host, duplicate, or claim to own any audio, video, images, or photographs that appear in user-submitted content. It is impossible for members to upload music streams, videos, images, or photographs to AltBoards' server. If you see such content on AltBoards, it has been hyperlinked via BBCODE/HTML tags from other web sites that allow inline linking. Those external web sites are hosting the content; AltBoards is not. In these cases, AltBoards has no control over that material and cannot be held responsible for it. AltBoards links to content in the same technical capacity that Google and other search engines link to content. Inline linking and/or hyperlinking content hosted on other web sites is not an act of copyright infringement as established under U.S. law. If you are the owner of copyrighted content that is accessible via inline links or hyperlinks on AltBoards, it is your responsibility to determine where the content is actually hosted.

27. If the content is originating from your own web server(s), it is your responsibility to disable inline linking from your server(s) so that AltBoards and other web sites may not link to it. If the content is originating from another external web site, it is your responsibility to contact the external web site that is actually re-hosting and/or duplicating your content. If you are a content owner and you do not understand this process, we suggest that you take the time to research and learn about inline linking and hyperlinking as it relates to U.S. copyright law. If you have any concerns, feel free to send a message to us via the "Contact Us" link at the top of any page on AltBoards, and we will offer assistance where we can.



28. You can only view the section if you have 50 posts or more

 This means spamming to get access to the section is prohibited and will result in warning points.

29. We kindly ask you not to share the download links provided on other forums, social media sites or blogging sites like tumblr. Incoming traffic from various sites can result in the uploaded files being deleted.

30. We ask that you help us by pointing out if links are dead or if we are missing anything.

No Holds Barred & 18+ Sections


31. We offer two exclusive sections to our members, No Holds Barred & the 18+ Section. Read the rules that apply to this section here.



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