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  1. I can't imagine anything but FROOT 2.0 for the new record
  2. I love how half of these "Alternative" artist that have sections are just pop artists who want a fancier label than "pop" to go with their brand+(marina17+gif+proceeds+to+fuck+up)

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    2. Sheezus

      @wraith hey admin, are you on FOTP and what's your username? We've probably talked already dead2

    3. wraith

      Hey, not really. I have an account but I have like one post :( poppy3

    4. notyourhoneypie

      I love that "Flop of the pop" name. :halsey2:

  3. How fucking dare you
  4. Too lazy to do the whole thing BTD: This Is What Makes Us Girls P: American UV: Money Power Glory HM: Swan Song
  5. Castle - 14Hold Me Down - 12Drive - 14Hurricane - 12Roman Holiday - 14Ghost - 10Colors - 8Haunting - 12Gasoline - 14Control - 10I Walk the Line - 4
  6. I'm gonna assume @Topaz meant to add and minus two for each song. Cry Baby - 6 Sippy Cup - 14 Alphabet Boy - 12 Soap - 10 Pity Party - 14 Tag, You're It - 20 Milk and Cookies - 6 Pacify Her - 10 Mrs. Potato Head - 8 Mad Hatter - 8 Play Date - 10 Cake - 12
  7. The Family Jewels: Mowgli's Road Electra Heart: The Life And Death of Electra Heart FROOT: Blossem
  8. I've rearranged Electra Heart like four times, but I just stick with the normal track listing now and tack... Electra Heart Just Desserts EVOL Boyfriend Scab & Plaster Miss Y Power & Control (alt version [last demo]) ... to the end
  9. Could this be any less accurate Diet Mountain Dew Hun, you have a serious addiction to something that just isn't that good for you. Similar to the drink, the diet mountain dew in your life may not be healthy, but baby, you want it. Keep your wits about you, and you will be just fine!
  10. Hey girls rih8

    1. xcx

      Hey girlie :pepe2:

      Welcome :marina17:

    2. Snakelor

      Oh hi. dead2 i didnt see this but now i do dead2