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  1. Yeah for sure, she hasn't had a demo leak since 2012 so her stuff is really hard to come by, I just heard it from people who are generally in the know. BUT she does seem to be working with different people and in different studios and demos more commonly get out there when artists are working wth loads of people (hence by EH tracks leaked cause she worked with like lots of different people)
  2. Apparently people have MATD4 songs or at least a song. I'm triggered cause I wanna hear them but I know if they leaked Marina would move into a retirement home with her cats and never release music again
  3. TFJ truly is her best work so far so go through and appreciate Marina's prime. Electra Heart for me is a mixed bag, the songs that are good are like my favourite Marina songs ever (Starring Role, Power & Control, Fear & Loathing) but the rest is ...nnnn. Tho i think if you are going to listen to EH, just remember not to take a lot of it seriously. Marina was so depressed but didn't wanna show her feelings or whatever so there is like 50 layers of sarcasm running through the album. Froot is probably her most accessible album cause it's kinda basic simple.
  4. BAR has apparently been renamed to Architecture I'm triggered cause I loved the title BAR so much. Least this means the song is coming soon?
  5. Roll With Me, ILY2 and Babygirl ended me! Not feeling Emotional and White Roses tho
  6. Listened to her Beats 1 interview and how unsure she was about the album coming out this year worried me lol. It's fucking done, if she doesn't release it within 4 months she is gonna hate it before it comes out
  7. Get it when you pre order Melodrama
  8. So excited for this!! Mainly for Roll With Me tho cause I think it's the only Sophie track. The three tracks are so good tho
  9. New songs from the mixtape being played on Radio 1 tomorrow!!
  10. Same, I also can't stop watching the video. It's so her. It would be weird if she came back as the same person she was when she was 16
  11. People think she is indie but really she hasn't really ever been indie. She just used to have an alternative sound lol
  12. I don't like piano led pop songs (that pre chorus yuck) but it's ok, looking forward to the new album!
  13. Titled 'Melodrama' out June 15th
  15. imwaitingforit.com