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  1. what was this?
  2. She has said so many times she wants each one of her albums to have a different sound, I doubt it will be froot 2.0
  3. I am honestly unsure this album is even coming this year tbh Honestly, I realise she wants to finish the album before releasing anything but Sky give us something. I literally don't care if you drop Guardian and then take forever to follow it up, just stop hyping us up for nothing.
  4. Yeah, it's not coming on the 10th feb but her management don't have another release date set. this is such a mess
  5. Album version of "Thinking Bout You" is out tomorrow with video coming soon! The final version is so good, I was worried she would use the demo.
  6. ok but is she gonna release another single from this or is the campaign over
  7. her myspace era truly was the highlight of her career
  8. She unfollowed Charli XCX on both instagram and twitter apparently. She is officially not a part of alt boards, i'm moving her to the graveyard
  9. this album is meant to be out soon and even dua doesn't know the release date. this campaign truly is dead in the water tragic! if this album came out in september, it would of been like the least messiest release for an up and coming pop girl damn u warner!!!
  10. iTunes * Spotify 1. “Gemini Feed” 2. “Fuck With Myself” 3. “Lovesick” 4. “Mind Games” 5. “Trainwreck” 6. “This Is Not About Us” 7. “Weaker Girl” 8. “Mother Earth” 9. “Judas” 10. “Haunt” 11. “Poltergeist” 12. “To The Hilt” 13. “27 Hours” Gemini Feed Released: 2/8/2016 iTunes * Spotify
  11. i hope not. dua said "If anything changes you will hear from me first" today in regards to the delay but it's not very positive so who knows
  12. i hope it's not in the same style of their recents songs and is still the funky version they sang live