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  1. I'm so here for her leaking the album before it leaks next week
  2.'s not that bad. You know what is bad tho? We only have three tracks to hear off the standard editon! One of which we have already heard live a million times. We are literally hyped for deluxe edition tracks which will probably be tragic.
  3. Paper Love is out this Friday!!
  4. Lust for Life FT The Weeknd is premeiring on Radio 1 at 7:30pm UK Time!
  5. True Love is Violent final
  7. Coming May 26th!
  8. so is this whole album about ripping off the 90s Romeo and Juliet film
  9. Just a thread detailing new updates and improvements to the site. Starting with rearrangements to the staff. 2/4 - @Kuba @sonowgoodbye and @Alex have been promoted to site moderators! @Nuclear Chicken @Cosmic and @MASOCHISM are the new members of our promo team as well! New artist changes such as promoting Halsey and Charli XCX to Established. As a gift, all current members avatar size has been boosted to 3MB!
  10. REMINDR : The new classic outsold ur fave

  11. BYE I wanted this to be a single so it gets a video with Marina
  12. closer by the chainsmokers saved my life