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  1. Ok but she did say that in making FROOT, she feels as though she's discovered the style of music that she likes making the most
  2. Ok the vocals on the first part sound heavenly af so I'm ready. The other two snippets in this are irrelevant. Lmao
  3. I feel like now that she's been getting involved with Clean Bandit more and more, they'll influence the sound on her album. And not in a good way
  4. Mermaid vs. Sailor: Daddy Issues The Family Jewels: Party In The U.S.A. Electra Heart: (I wish this wasn't the lowest #1 selling UK album ever and had sales more similar to) Born To Die FROOT: Broken Promises
  5. Nobody better fuckin @ me but... I can't stand Rockabye. It's such a cheesy song:marina3:

  6. ...aaaaaand where is Diamond Garden?

    1. Nuclear Chicken

      idk it died again...

  7. I can already envision the title for the next album: CHARTREUUSE

  9. Speaking of Marina's fucking cats lmfao...isn't she allergic?
  10. I take back everything I said... Marina has gone from old cat lady to hot cat goddess...
  11. So it's official...Marina has retired "the Diamonds" and is now "Marina and Jack with two cats."
  12. Aaaaaaaaaand Diamond Garden is down. Well it's been a great run girls:demi2:

    1. wraith

      i can't omg

    2. LadyGootGoot

      Well that lasted all of 2 seconds

    3. dieLife

      Lemme see if I can buy the site for 50 cents on the dollar. :marina17:

  13. Lmao I didn't even realize the grad pic was from Lafina's. I remember it surfacing a few months ago and everyone was claiming it was like a fake or something