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  1. I'm so emo
  2. She's Catholic, she can confess her sins later
  3. Y'all I just watched The Green Inferno (hella graphic, bloody + gruesome) with Sky Ferreira in a minor role, but can I say her acting is the worst I've ever seen by anyone in a movie:marina6:


      yeah it was very bad, sorry ms ferrari

  4. Literally all I could ask for her to do is sing Buy the Stars live.
  5. Have y'all heard Best American Record? I know we should be steering clear of these leaks but Lana's songs are so good and I promise her all my coins when the album dropscry1

    1. Nuclear Chicken

      Yes. Love is better.

    2. Kuba

      I'm not able to find it. I hope it's better than love :ellie1:

    3. Tennis Courtney

      I can't find it anywhere hook a sis up :katy1:

  6. I've always thought they were really good friends, but found it weird that there are virtually no real pictures of them together
  7. Young and In Lovecry1

    It's so sad that her music almost always gets leaked

  8. Hmm...not sure if this is real or not, but if it is, then I feel better about Disconnect being a Top 40 hit, finally giving Marina that fame she deserves
  9. Ok but she did say that in making FROOT, she feels as though she's discovered the style of music that she likes making the most
  10. Ok the vocals on the first part sound heavenly af so I'm ready. The other two snippets in this are irrelevant. Lmao
  11. I feel like now that she's been getting involved with Clean Bandit more and more, they'll influence the sound on her album. And not in a good way
  12. Mermaid vs. Sailor: Daddy Issues The Family Jewels: Party In The U.S.A. Electra Heart: (I wish this wasn't the lowest #1 selling UK album ever and had sales more similar to) Born To Die FROOT: Broken Promises
  13. Nobody better fuckin @ me but... I can't stand Rockabye. It's such a cheesy song:marina3:

  14. ...aaaaaand where is Diamond Garden?

    1. Nuclear Chicken

      idk it died again...