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  1. What do y'all know about this snippet:


    1. Tennis Courtney

      this is exactly what I need from these lesbians cry2

    2. notyourhoneypie

      What? This is real? ny3

    3. Ceremonials

      it's fake, it is a snippet from the remix of ultraviolence

  3. Seeing Marina and Lana together has me so shook... you'd think that since they tweet each other so much online, they would have met a long time ago and we would actually have a real pic of them togethermarina13

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    2. true colours

      @Sucker Really?? What pic is it?

    3. Sucker

      The pic I thought of may be an edit but Marina did mention not seeing Lana in years during a FROOT era interview, meaning that they have met.


      yeah in marina's vid she said they haven't met in 5 years, meaning they met in 2012

  4. 6/10 Y'all are KILLING me with Guilty being in the top 10 And HOW is Better Than That above Primadonna?
  5. I knew that Lust For Life tracklist was too good to be true. Marina collaborating with literally anyone? Sounded fake from the beginning. Plus Best American Record wasn't on the tracklist (I'm assuming it was meant for LFL)

    1. Ceremonials

      best american record's another title is architecture

    2. electrafilms

      marina's arse wouldn't collab with anyone other tha her bf rat1

  6. Can I just say that Bon Apetit is trash lmfao, it's really not that good... not even Migos could revive Katy's flip-flop career

  7. Happy 5th birthday Electra Heart marina9


  8. Maybe motherhood would bring back her sanity...
  9. Hey I was wondering where the gif from your signature comes from?

    1. ElectraHeart

      Don't mean to intrude rip1

      But it's from a show she did in Philadelphia where she messes up on Primadonna


    2. true colours

      Thank you!

  10. Literally after watching that video, you CAN NOT tell me that Selena and Abel have more chemistry than Lana and Abel
  11. Maybe she can give Marina real lessons in writing bops like Promiscuous
  12. Don't tell me I'm the only one who thinks Now or Never sounds exactly like Needed Me :ab2:

    1. Haunted

      yes kween you are the only one, you should expose ha and kill her career rav1 

  13. Smh idk what I expected with Clean Bandit. Practically half their fans only follow them because they want Disconnect. Other than that, I wouldn't have paid them a lick of attention past Rather Be.
  14. Omg I knew I wasn't the only one who thought that. When YAIL leaked, it sounded like the vocals weren't refined, they were a bit robotic at the very beginning. But then Lana released the official song with the exact same vocals.
  15. I love the aesthetics of this era already. She's bringing wicca vibes and combining it with science fiction