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  1. tfw you find a shiny Pokemon :florence2:

  2. Well yeah, some songs were mainstream but even then, that doesn't mean they can't sound different from what other people are doing. Boom Clap is the one major exception.
  3. Well, neither was Sucker really
  4. that edit tho... queen of pushing back against raging SJW trolls
  5. Happy birthday based @godmess :sll1:

    1. godmess

      thank you!! :-) <3

  6. You know this site is dead when I'm one of the popular contributors :katy1:

  7. BTD - Off to the Races | Diet Mountain Dew | Carmen Paradise - Blue Velvet | Yayo | Burning Desire UV - Florida Kilos | Pretty When You Cry | Money Power Glory Honeymoon - Music To Watch Boys To | Freak | 24
  8. Just got Popplio through a Wonder Trade :demi1:

    1. Tennis Courtney

      my first ever wonder trade was a rowlet. He's now a mighty decidueye and I love him :buffy:

  9. Getting close to finishing the story in Sun. This game is so good :melanie4:

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    2. Tennis Courtney

      I'm literally still at the second island cause I don't want it to end and my dartrix is about to evolve soon :buffy:

    3. Sucker

      I finished Moon a few days ago. These games really are good.

  10. this....................... is fire
  11. Happy Sun/Moon day, y'all jj2

  12. :grimes2: beeeee a bodayyyyyyyyyyyy :grimes2:


      probably the best song off visions

    2. Roses

      woooo ooo wo oooo wooo ooo woo hooo who who who who who :fatima:

  13. Downloading the ACNL update rn cry1

  14. Remember when we all thought Masochism was coming this year? Actually neither do I, it was so long ago when that dream died
  15. I'm so ready for a new Gorillaz album. It's what the world needs right now :alex1:

    1. vain

      I 👏 KNOW 👏 RIGHT 👏 I 👏 NEED 👏 IT