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  1. new :alex1: Gorillaz :alex1: music :alex1: today :alex1:

  2. I still love Splatoon so much :bjork3: So ready for the sequel

  3. Serving up bops like there's no tomorrow, but what bops harder than the rest? My current ranking is this: White Roses Dreamer Blame It On You ILY2 Emotional Drugs 3AM Babygirl Roll With Me Lipgloss
  4. Blame It On You, ILY2, and White Roses complete me
  5. What a day to have my set of interests :marina14: 




    1. httppolarize

      ah, the good old days of pokémon black and white.

  6. Perched. I didn't want a Pure Heroine 2.0 (as good as it was) so I'm v happy with this new direction
  7. what @httppolarize said
  8. tbh Drunk by Thundercat might already be my album of the year. My faves are gonna have to do a lot to top this :rip2:

  9. Happy birthday! :marina17:

    1. stephanie

      Ah thank you! :sll1:

  10. Gemini Feed
  11. Gorillaz 1. ElectraHeart 2. Maladroit
  12. rip Poppy
  13. Yas Alexandra, stan Mitski
  14. Arcade Fire: 1. notyourhoneypie 2. Maladroit