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  1. tbh Drunk by Thundercat might already be my album of the year. My faves are gonna have to do a lot to top this :rip2:

  2. Happy birthday! :marina17:

    1. stephanie

      Ah thank you! :sll1:

  3. Gemini Feed
  4. Gorillaz 1. ElectraHeart 2. Maladroit
  5. rip Poppy
  6. Yas Alexandra, stan Mitski
  7. Arcade Fire: 1. notyourhoneypie 2. Maladroit
  8. Years later, I'm still shook by the alt-pop perfection that is Take My Hand :charli1:

  9. Any Moon owners wanna help me out? I need Lunala, Pheremosa, and Celesteela to complete my Alola Pokedex jj1

  10. tfw you find a shiny Pokemon :florence2:

  11. Lily Allen @Sheezus @Snakelor Maladroit
  12. Well yeah, some songs were mainstream but even then, that doesn't mean they can't sound different from what other people are doing. Boom Clap is the one major exception.
  13. Well, neither was Sucker really
  14. Leak it