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  1. Oh No! Let the Marina Del Rey fanfics commence!
  2. Yay long hair! Captain Cuts? Where is this coming from? Another 'Lonely Hearts Club' or something like Broods 'Are You Home'?
  3. Whether real or fake there isn't enough here to get excited about.
  4. Queen of merch. https://impoppy.bandcamp.com/merch/everything-is-meaningless-original-artwork-by-poppy And I just noticed this little bit of info from her new vid: When did Poppy jump from Island to Interscope?
  5. 20 Sadly Underrated Pop Songs From 2016 http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/7640478/20-sadly-underrated-pop-songs-from-2016 Queen of icy bangers. It's nice to see that someone over at Billboard is paying attention to Alexandra.
  6. There really shouldn't be any drama between Marina and Charles XXX because they are in two completely different lanes. Charlie is writing hit songs for Selena Gomez while Marina can't even get her fuckboi to put her song on his album.
  7. It's sad that her magnum opus was written on a baby pink ukulele and only has 3 chords. It was all downhill from there.
  8. Eh, Marina's career has been dead since 2008. The 'Graveyard' is a fitting place. And do you want to know why Marina fails? Because of things like this: http://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2016/12/08/nine-questions-djq Everyone loves Marina and The Diamonds but are too embarrassed to tell anyone...
  9. Merna can culturally appropriate the shit out of Japan for all i care. I just want new music.
  10. Does Sky even still release music?
  11. That Target special edition track is going to be off the hook.
  12. Marina is in Japan. Nice of her to use her boyfriend's band as a way to take a quick Far East vacation.
  13. Yeah, I think she probably had label problems, again. Girl just cannot get along with any record label exec it seems based on her sordid history.