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  2. 10/10 try to rate it lower sweatys you can't
  3. when you listen to a good song and it reminds you of bad times that make you incredibly sad :)

  4. can someone make a "changes their set all the time" award for me



      nvm that belongs to alex

  5. I'm becoming a Phantogram fan

  6. Yesterday
  7. Radioactive got a score of 7.56! Songs rated so far: Oh No! (9.86) Seventeen (9.625) Solitaire (9.25) Hermit The Frog / Power & Control (9.14) I Am Not A Robot (9) Better Than That (8.71) Primadonna (8.6) Homewrecker (8.57) Starring Role (8.5) True Colours (Cyndi Lauper Cover) (8.2) Bubblegum Bitch (8.19) Shampain (7.875) Forget (7.83) Can't Pin Me Down (7.69) Obsessions (7.65) Radioactive (7.56) Weeds (6.8) Hypocrates (6.5) NEXT UP IS IS
  8. I'll give it an 8/10
  9. @AlexI was just do you make the charts? Do you go to everyone's pages and have a look at everyone's top tracks/albums and work it out from there? Or do you have some other system? I just think it is really cool and when I though about it, I realised it must be a bit confusing to do! Thanks for taking your time to do it.
  10. Bjork is my spirit animal.

  11. I'm in a weird mood. Expect David Bowie and Bjork incoming instead.
  12. We expect Miss Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor to be #1 next week don't let us down
  14. I have not been on spotify for agessssss because my computer is at my dad's and I am at my mum's (free spotify on my phone is just too frustrating). But I'm going to my Dad's tonight. Get ready for my impact gurls
  15. what font would u guys have preferred for the matd signature in froot, something more nature-y with flowers or leaves or something.....?
  16. Electra Heart's baby is growing up right before our very eyes.
  17. can i ban people if im not a mod
  18. Last week
  19. 7/10 love-hate this one
  20. Maybe motherhood would bring back her sanity...
  21. 8/10 I've overplayed this song tbh, but the acoustic version and the music video...
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