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  1. Yesterday
  2. Omanko's her best song though
  3. Ghost, Colors, Hurricane/Gasoline
  4. The new Austra and The XX albums woah. 2017 already is a better year for music than 2016 and it has been 22 days lol 

  5. I feel like this will be the Wild At Heart situation again. I think there are a lot of songs that are finished but she's just not satisfied yet so she keeps recording and adds songs last minute again. And I really hate that. Because that lets the album lose an actual album feeling. I already had that with NTMT. I mean you totally hear that Kristine and Omanko were recorded last minute while You're Not The One was finished for way longer
  6. She's like David Lynch
  7. Young God/ Control/ Colors
  8. Also the song you listed as "Unknown song 1" it's called Blue Knees and it has been confirmed by many people who have it. Also, the lyrics of the full song were posted on genius.com https://genius.com/Melanie-martinez-blue-knees-lyrics
  9. The fact that she hasn't shot it yet...... I want it as soon as possible so the Cry Baby era can end and we can enjoy the new one. Ughh
  10. It's disgusting the fact that we still don't have this album. Or a single. Or anything. I fucking hate her.
  11. Important - 



  12. Hotter Than Hell > Last Dance > Blow Your Mind > Thinking Bout You > New Love > Be The One
  13. @Maladroit You should totally vote out Collxtion I since no one else is voting for The Altar :pepe2:

    1. xcx

      Nvm :pepe3:

      It's too late :pepe3:

    2. Maladroit

      I'm sorry I let down all the Charli stans :pepe3:

  14. I had a nightmare where Lana tried to kill my friends and I. Queen of killing me in my sleep! dance.gif

    1. Alex

      lmao i just had a nightmare where a ship that princess leia was on crashed :lange: i woke up like she actually died :lange:

  15. i edited a status and now it's full of +s lol

    1. Kuba

      That's a common bug :pepe3: ATM the best advice is to delete the status and post a new one, but I'll pass this on to the mods anyway. poppy3

  16. Wait, the xx's new album is amazing. orangu1

    1. ChainReaction

      It really is oh god! Also I love the cover art a lot! 

  17. I was at the women's march on Washington yesterday. One of the most incredible things that I had the privilege to participate in and witness.

  18. @Jumprope are you Masochism on LB? :pepe2:

  19. when+i+find+out+a+new+artist+i+always+give+them+months+before+my+first+listen,+like+when+i+found+out+about+Banks,+i+gave+her+like+4+months+before+listening+to+her+for+the+first+time+because+i+was+afraid+i'd+like+her+more+than+Birdy.+isn't+that+weird?

    1. Encrypted Love

      Third eye approves:marina17:

  20. Best album of 2015.
  21. it's so fast like the song lmao but i love the visuals, it's a good video <3
  22. very avant garde, but it's her, so i love it
  23. New Love > Blow Your Mind > Thinking Bout You > Hotter Than Hell > Last Dance > Be The One
  24. i love it! ~
  25. All i need is TKO to be on the album.
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