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  1. Yesterday
  2. i love how there's like 8 people online but nobody's posting


  3. :fatima:A masterpiece :fatima:


    1. Nuclear Chicken


    2. xcx

      I agree that you stole my opinion about this song! See you in court, sweaty! :miranda2:

  4. I watched all the Gaga Vision episodes and I'm having so many flashbacks to the fame and when I was like 8-9 yrs old

    1. Snakelor

      omg were the same age :fatima:

  5. Why can't we just put on a smile
    And a buzz buzz buzz buzz, we all might be sick


  6. I bought my first two-piece swim suit today, I didn't think I would look good in one but I really like it a lot. 

  7. I haven't been here in so long woah

  8. my profile says i won a day ?? what does that mean and where's my prize :marina17:

  9. I went to visit my bf and his neighbor was listening to I Am Not A Robot very loudly in his apartment. I was in a very good mood and got very excited and started singing lol. I hope the neighbor didn't heard me, that would be very embarrassing.

    1. The Plague

      how very scandalous of you poppy1

  10. YAAAS roll with me is a fave car bop while swerving cunts and wrecking bumpers
  11. Last week
  12. Honestly I love Iggy Azalea :stvincent1:

    1. The Plague

      i'll call the doctor sis :stvincent1:

    2. Nuclear Chicken

      Flop stanning flop 

    3. xcx

      You'll both learn the error of your ways someday :marina17:

  13. omg i totally agree !! you had a little typo tho, but don't worry i fixed it
  14. did i write this???? cuz same. except roll w/ me is starting to grow on me a bit.
  15. mess
  16. Anyone have a decent quality link for RPDR seas 9 first ep ???? i cant find any :bjork3:

  17. Bjorkis a legend!
  18. we need 2 more people to join so we can have 666 members jj2 


      also wtf happened on april 4th 2016 that we had 446 members online holy shit

    2. Lonely Heart

      FOTP probably went down

  19. archy fucks me UP :charli4:

  20. Guys I'm like. really proud of myself ??! I just had a two-hour interview and it went so well and never once did my anxiety make me gag. truly iconic moment of my life. cry1

    1. The Plague

      good job!!!! I always gag tbh

  21. give them to me
  22. Not sure where to post this but a leaker has songs titled 'Super Human' and 'All is Forgiven'. I would think they're for MATD4, but the titles remind me a little bit of FROOT songs too. He also possibly has a VOTD demo. The only reason I'm saying possibly is because he's got a playlist of unreleased songs and VOTD is just randomly thrown in there so I'd assume it's a demo version. xx
  23. who are these 'people' tho
  24. Yeah for sure, she hasn't had a demo leak since 2012 so her stuff is really hard to come by, I just heard it from people who are generally in the know. BUT she does seem to be working with different people and in different studios and demos more commonly get out there when artists are working wth loads of people (hence by EH tracks leaked cause she worked with like lots of different people)
  25. Guys I really dont like kpop that much but this is so good wow :charli4:


    1. CBC

      Have you listened to Reboot by the Wonder Girls? It's the best kpop album ever released.

  26. I would take anyone saying that they have MATD4 stuff with a grain of salt. I doubt anyone will have anything since I doubt her label has even heard the new stuff yet ( if she even has anything finished right now in the first place). The only way they would have anything is if they broke into one of her producer's laptops or Marina's own laptop.
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